Top 10 ‘Most Seductive Unbiblical Ideas’ Embraced by Americans

The American public flaunts its free will in many ways, not the least of which is by embracing a number of seductive—but decidedly unbiblical beliefs—as part of their worldview. According to new analysis of data from the American Worldview Inventory 2021 from the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, the “Top 10” most prevalent … Read more

What Does It Mean When People Say They Are “Christian”

When someone says they are an American, the meaning of that term is clear. Someone who claims to be a policeman leaves little doubt as to their job. But when people describe themselves as “Christian,” what does that mean? The latest report from the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University shows that the meaning … Read more

The National Religious Realignment: Identifying Dramatic Changes in Long-Term Faith Commitments

One of the strengths of America for more than two centuries was the consistency of people’s faith commitments. Not only did more than nine out of 10 Americans associate with the same faith (Christianity), but that alignment brought with it common views about morality, purpose, family, lifestyle, citizenship, and values. But the dramatic erosion of … Read more

Introducing America’s Most Popular Worldview—Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

Everyone has a worldview. Nobody has a pure worldview.The most common worldview among Americans is Syncretism, which isn’t a true worldview but rather a collection of disparate worldview elements blended into a customized philosophy of life.And the latest insight from the nation’s largest, ongoing worldview research project reveals that the worldview Americans are most likely … Read more

Millennials Seek a Nation Without God, Bible and Churches

It is not uncommon to find substantial differences in lifestyle choices across generations. Worldview preferences are no different. The American Worldview Inventory 2021, the annual survey of the philosophy of life held by American adults, conducted by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, did find some worldview similarities across generations. Specifically: The dominant … Read more

President Biden’s Supporters Less Likely to Hold Biblical Worldview

President Biden’s base of supporters is 60% less likely to hold the biblical worldview than other Americans, and although nearly two-thirds (65%) of those voters consider themselves to be Christian, many of their religious beliefs and policy positions are at odds with the views of most Americans and with traditional biblical teaching. The latest findings … Read more

America’s Thirst for Socialism Has Plummeted

Support for socialism in the United States is at its lowest level in years—with less than a third of all American adults (32%) preferring socialism to capitalism in the wake of the 2020 election—after reaching a peak of 41% of U.S. adults only two years earlier. The latest findings from the 2020 Post-Election Survey from … Read more

Political Mandate? National Unity? Survey Says We the People Are Pointing the Way Forward

(Glendale, AZ) – Americans are generally fed up with their political leaders, regardless of their party or ideological identification. As the nation prepares for the Democrat Party to take control of the federal government and introduce a vastly different agenda than that of the outgoing Trump Administration, a survey conducted by the Cultural Research Center … Read more

Active Conservative Christians Were Huge for Trump SAGE Con Turnout and Trump Vote Set Records

(Glendale, AZ) – Donald Trump would have lost by a landslide had a significant slice of the voting populace—conservative Christians who are active both spiritually and politically—not turned out and voted for him in overwhelming numbers. Their perception of the election process and allegations of voting fraud has led a large majority of them (79%) … Read more