America Needs Spiritual Renewal More than a Political Majority

As increasing attention shifts to the approaching 2024 election, many Americans hope that the next leader of the nation will restore unity to our divided country. A new survey conducted by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, however, suggests that such an outcome is improbable. Regardless of who the candidates are, and who … Read more

Children Reject Basic Bible Views

America’s preteen children are following in the unfortunate spiritual footsteps of the generations that have preceded them. New research released by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University shows that the foundational beliefs held by 8- to-12-year-olds put them on track to abandon biblical Christianity in record numbers. Core Beliefs Rejected Five beliefs central … Read more

The Pathway for Children to Become ‘Spiritual Champions’ 

In his new book, Raising Spiritual Champions: Nurturing Your Child’s Heart, Mind and Soul, veteran researcher and author George Barna describes an effective starting place for shaping the minds and lives of children if the goal is to guide them toward being disciples of Jesus Christ. Barna shares both descriptive data as well as essential, … Read more

Strategic Discipleship is Key to Shaping Children into Spiritual Champions  

A parent’s #1 job is to disciple their children, which means being a model and mentor to help them think like Jesus so they can act like Jesus throughout their lives.   But new research from veteran researcher Dr. George Barna in his book, Raising Spiritual Champions: Nurturing Your Child’s Heart, Mind and Soul, finds that … Read more

Key Insights for Raising the Next Generation of ‘Spiritual Champions’ 

Very few of today’s parents, who have the primary responsibility to disciple their children, even have that task on their parenting radar. In fact, more than two years of research show that during their child’s most important worldview development window, the overwhelming majority of parents tend to delegate many basic parenting tasks to “experts”—with increasingly … Read more

How the Pandemic Reshaped Christian Beliefs and Behaviors

We are learning more about the effects of COVID-19 on the religious faith of Americans, and a new research report from the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University identifies a series of significant shifts in people’s beliefs and behaviors during the pandemic. Noteworthy changes were found in church attendance, church affiliation, and core beliefs, … Read more

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U.S. Adult Generations Vary in Spiritual Responses to Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the lives of every American—but it did not affect everyone in the same way, or to the same degree. Newly released data from the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University based on the American Worldview Inventory 2023 shows that the four adult generations in the United States— Millennials, Gen X … Read more

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How the Faith of Americans Has Shifted Since the Start of the Pandemic

The impact of the pandemic is still being felt in many ways. The deadly virus and the government actions it caused have affected many aspects of people’s lives, When it comes to faith, the shifts for Americans are both negative and positive. The first national post-pandemic study of Americans’ worldview has found that not only … Read more

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Research Identifies the Best Starting Point for Developing a Biblical Worldview 

Dr. George Barna, Director of Research Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University Release Date: March 14, 2023 Bible-driven Christians have a responsibility to live in harmony with biblical principles and to help shape the worldview of their children in accordance with those same principles. Many adults, however, consider that challenge to be overwhelming. They … Read more

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