The Interplay Between Beliefs and Values

Yet whether we recognize it or not, research shows there is a powerful relationship between what we believe and how we decide what is important in our lives. In other words, our worldview—how we experience, interpret, and respond to the world around us—deeply influences our values. This is one of the most common and inescapable … Read more

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A Different Take on the Midterm Election

Try to imagine a nationwide event that involves more than 100 million active participants and boasts in excess of $18 billion spent by the featured performers—and is widely considered to be a disappointment (if not a failure) based on the performance of the featured players and their organizations. That’s one take on the 2022 midterm … Read more

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Current View of ‘Traditional Moral Values’ Excludes ‘Biblical Morality’

One of the hallmarks of America is the concept of traditional moral values. That body of moral standards serves as one of the foundations on which the nation was built. Until recently there was no argument that those moral standards—i.e., the basis of determining right from wrong— were derived from biblical principles. As the nation … Read more

A National Moment of Truth: Whose Vision and Values Will Prevail?

With the midterm election only a few weeks away—and early voting about the begin in some states—recent national research by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University offers insights into the kind of government and types of elected leaders Americans desire. According to the America’s Values Study, Americans are longing for a return of … Read more

Issues of Influence: The Economy is Hot; Religious Freedom and Environment Are Not

With midterm voting already in progress in some states and the Nov. 8 election just three weeks away, a new report from the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University provides new insights into the influence of numerous issues on the voting choices of the public. The survey results provide encouraging news for Republican candidates. … Read more

America’s Values Identify Possible Means to National Unity

Recent national surveys have reported that Americans no longer trust most politicians or either of the major political parties, and believe the media are fanning the flames of division. Americans also believe the country is moving in the wrong direction and fear for the future of the nation’s democracy. Add the ravages of inflation and … Read more

Non-Denominational Pastors Far More Likely to Hold – Biblical Views than All Other Denomination’s Pastors

Earlier this year, research from the American Worldview Inventory 2022, conducted by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, revealed that just 37% of Christian pastors have a biblical worldview. This latest report analyzes that research across major U.S. denominations, showing that the loss of biblical belief is prevalent among pastors in all denominational … Read more

Post-Dobbs, Survey Explains Adoption Perspectives of Prospective Mothers

With the recent Dobbs v. Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization decision rendered by the U.S. Supreme Court, returning abortion policy to the people and their elected officials, the insights regarding women’s personal decision-making when it comes to pregnancy obtained from a recent national survey, conducted by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University and commissioned … Read more

Top 10 ‘Most Seductive Unbiblical Ideas’ Embraced by Americans

The American public flaunts its free will in many ways, not the least of which is by embracing a number of seductive—but decidedly unbiblical beliefs—as part of their worldview. According to new analysis of data from the American Worldview Inventory 2021 from the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, the “Top 10” most prevalent … Read more