Non-Denominational Pastors Far More Likely to Hold – Biblical Views than All Other Denomination’s Pastors

Earlier this year, research from the American Worldview Inventory 2022, conducted by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, revealed that just 37% of Christian pastors have a biblical worldview. This latest report analyzes that research across major U.S. denominations, showing that the loss of biblical belief is prevalent among pastors in all denominational … Read more

Only Half of Evangelical Pastors Possess a Biblical Worldview – Incidence Even Lower for Most Denominations

Subsequent to revealing that the American Worldview Inventory 2022 found just 37% of Christian pastors have a biblical worldview, the alarming findings were dismissed by some as not surprising given the degree of “wokeness” that has invaded Christian churches. “What would be shocking,” opined one pastor, “would be if the numbers were low among evangelical … Read more

Shocking Results Concerning the Worldview of Christian Pastors

People have many expectations of pastors of Christian churches. One of those expectations is that pastors possess a philosophy of life that largely reflects biblical principles, a perspective commonly called a biblical worldview. But a new nationwide survey among a representative sample of America’s Christian pastors shows that a large majority of those pastors do … Read more

Improving Parents’ Ability to Raise Spiritual Champions

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, America will not solve its parenting crisis—only 2% of parents of preteens have a biblical worldview, and very few parents are focused on intentionally developing the worldview of their children—by continuing the same parenting approach that caused the problems. Restated in more familiar words, we cannot keep doing the same things … Read more

A Detailed Look at How the Worldview of Parents of Preteens Misses the Mark

Nobody understands the dynamics of tragic crashes better than the airline industry. The lessons they have learned from studying crashes over the years has applications to the current state of parenting. Those lessons suggest that parents of preteens are on a dangerous trajectory. For example, the Boeing 737 Max 8 was a technologically sophisticated jet, … Read more

The Worldview Dilemma of American Parents

Every adult has a worldview. That worldview is typically fully developed and operational before a person becomes a teenager. Few people would deny the fact that parents play a significant role in the shaping of their children’s worldview. But there’s a problem. New research from the American Worldview Inventory 2022, conducted by the Cultural Research … Read more